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(by keepcalmcarryon)

Lisa Rivera, (February 29, 2012)

She is such an amazing girl. I’ve never had someone like her in my life, that gets me thinking the way she does (not someone the same age at least). She is true to herself, others, and only wants the best for everyone. She forgives people, takes the blame upon herself, is so selfless and thoughtful, and is just one wonderfully amazing person in general.
Her and I use to have problems last year because one girl “cried wolf” about an entire situation that doesn’t even sound half true if you think about it, but Lisa and I talked things out and I’m so glad. Lisa is so, so sweet. And anyone at all is lucky to have her in their life. She moved back to my school yesterday and I was so happy to see her smile. Even though we have had differences before, we were mature enough to settle things in a very nice way.